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At Berkeley, I teach both core classes and special topics in public policy in the Goldman School of Public Policy's program for Masters in Public Policy and Masters in Public Affairs. See below for some comments about my teaching style.

"Meredith was the best preceptor I've had at Princeton! Our discussions were always insightful and went beyond mere summaries of the readings. Moreover, she managed to keep us all engaged and interested for the entire 50 minutes."
"Meredith's precepts were amazing! They covered similar material to the lectures without ever being redundant, and she made sure to touch on subjects that [the professor] missed so as to prepare us well for the midterm and final exams. Meredith was always open to questions or meeting outside of class, and precepts flowed very casually and comfortably."
"Meredith is great! She is easy-going, approachable encouraging (in terms of participation), and adept at raising interesting questions and stimulating interesting discussions. Also, she clarifies the material (which at times covers A LOT and is dense) very well."
"I really enjoyed precepts. Meredith did a good job of facilitating debate as well as covering the readings. Some of the articles got a bit complicated so it was very useful to discuss them in precepts."
"Meredith was a fantastic preceptor. She was soo helpful, and really backed up the material we learned in lecture and read. She was enthusiastic and made precept enjoyable."
"Meredith is a really good preceptor. She wouldn't come right out with the answers and she challenged us to think independently from the lectures and readings."
"Meredith was excellent! Unlike many other preceptors, she actually taught her class rather than simply guide discussions. She was able to prompt us and integrate the readings into very interesting discussions."
"Meredith was always enthusiastic and organized which made precept both entertaining and helpful for understanding key concepts. I really enjoyed the conversations in precept because they did not simply repeat topics from lecture."
"I loved the fact that she actively encouraged us to be engaged in what we learned, as well as allowing us to take examples outside of the course to the topics discussed."
"This precept was excellent. Meredith really picked up the slack...and introduced us to the material in way that should have been done in lecture. Meredith is very nice, very knowledgeable and very approachable." 
"Meredith was an awesome preceptor. She always kept us on task and prepared us for tests and papers. She kept the material fun, modern and interesting."
"Awesome - very clear, very friendly, great at making lists and helping us organize thoughts. Posed important questions and gave everyone a chance to speak."
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